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Post by Princess on Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:51 pm

Hello there, as many of you present for the meeting heard; I will be recruiting captains for our games we will offer.

The Job Role
As a captain you will be in charge of keeping and updating a roster of members who are playing that game. You will also need to work with the recruitment team to recruit more members and to get our clan noticed in that specific games's community. The captain will be required to invite members to games to play as a team (e.g start/host a party or lobby). With being a captain, you have the choice of personal name in the legend and colour of your choice (unless you just want MW2 Captain eg) You must also consider that as our clan is run Worldwide, you will get a lot of members in different timezones to you. The captains will also be in charge of running competitions specifically to their games (for example; competitions in the MW2 division will be organised by the MW2 captain) The captains will be responsible for keeping records of their members and all competitions held and will have to present them to the clan leader at least once every month so we can keep track of how we are doing, any comments made by members and how we can improve!

We are hoping to offer our members the chance to be in more than one division or just one if they prefer so captains will need to be alert as to who is in which division (Eg: I have Mw2 and Cod4 so i would be in both divisions but be more active on Mw2 so captains would have to make note next to my name on the roster as [Active] in that division although my name will still be on the Cod4 roster) dont worry, i will type up a tutorial for you all and you will recieve it when you are issued the position!! Razz

The Current Captain Positions available are;

Halo: Reach Captain
COD4 Captain
COD:WaW Captain

(Black Ops Captain Position application will be posted nearer the launch so keep your eyes peeled!)

Please Note; Captains MUST have the game in which they are captain of (for obvious reasons!!!)

Person specification
As with the recruitment application, the applicant DOES NOT specifically have to have had previous experience as a captain. I am personally looking for someone who will be able to run the divisions and make members feel welcome and noticed. You will be required to attend and interview and everyone who applies will be interviewed. There will be no selection process beforehand. Anyone can apply no matter if you are new and it isn't based on other things, Just you and how you will make the clan run more smoother so to speak!

Application forms can be sent to me via PM or email: and please put the subject as Captain Application for... (and then what game it will be). Applications will be closed on 15th October and i will interview within a few days of reciveing the application.

Application Form

Captain position applying for:
How often do you play this game?:
Do you own any other games in our offer?:
How will your addition to the clan as a captain benefit us?:
Do you have any previous experience with captain positions, if so where?:

[Scenario] You are captain of a team and 2 members of the roster are disputing with one another and it is causing tension between the group playing, how would you resolve this in the correct way?:

Thank you very much for filling the application, I will be in touch asap! Smile

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