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Post by Princess on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:44 am

Lucid Dreams has an opening of 2 (Possibly 3) positions for their recruitment team.

Person Specification
I am looking for a very friendly/approachable person for the position. Previous recruitment experience ISN'T necessary, but if you have some then let us know as it might help your application. The person should be able to recruit people with ease and know what they are talking about. Must also have a working microphone on XBL Smile There will be no minimum age limit to this position.

The Position
The position of recruitment requires the applicant to recruit new members to the clan, conduct regular meetings with new recruits and become their first point of contact should they need anything. The Recruitment Team should work together and have monthly meetings with each other and one member of Admin to discuss the previous month's progress and actions for next month. Please note; I am NOT expecting the recruitment team to recruit a minimum amount of new members a day, it is more getting our clan noticed in the gaming community.

All applications will be reviewed personally by me and then I will commence interviews before positions are offered. Applicants should send their completed application to my PM or email; with the subject: Recruitment Application, before October 15th!

Application Form

Would you be able to meet regularly with your recruitment team and the Admins for monthly meetings?:
Do you have any previous experience with Recruitment?:
Why should I promote you to the Recruitment team?:
[Scenario] You have been set the task of recruiting new members and getting our clan noticed, How would you go about this?:

Thank you, I look forward to receiving your applications very soon.

Recruitment Team [Extended] Ldadmingraphics

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